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I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me.

Owings Mills Losers
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OM_Losers is a community set up by a couple students from Owings Mills High School. In an uncharacteristic show of "school spirit" and "community appreciation" and possibly out of a bit of boredum this community was born.

We're here to talk about our high school experiences, learning, growing, friends, teachers, dances, prom, graduation, and everything else we go through.

You don't have to be an Owings Mills resident or Owings Mills student to join this community. We encourage everyone to join and talk about their high school experiences. You can be a graduate or not even live in the area or go to the school to join us.

Basically, lets all just have a good time and get to know those we go to school with better.

We do ask that when posting you make your posts Friends Only. This is to try to prevent trolls and other annoying issues. If you feel confident to post publicily, then by all means do, but we suggest Friends Only strongly.

Post away kids,
Dani & Liz


*All long posts and posts containing pictures are to be put behind a lj-cut. If you do not know how to do this go to: FAQ #75

*Any and all abusive or hateful comments and posts will be deleted, this is a community not a drama club.

* You can advertise your community here with MOD permission, if it gets out of hand that ability will be taken away. There is a community for that community_promo

*Lets at least make and attempt to stay on topic here. There is a lot you can discuss about school and your life in Owings Mills, but the odd unrelated post will be accepted, lets just not over-do it.

The community moderators are cherryhaven and everythingiam contact them with any of your concerns, complaints, or suggestions. We would love to here from you. ^.^